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A peticiòn de muchos, harè una CITA ONLINE por PERISCOPE el sàbado a las 12 pm, hora en España. Para responder todas sus preguntas y dudas, ya que me han escrito muchísimo de diferentes países. La aplicaciòn Periscope la pueden descargar gratuitamente. Hasta pronto !!• English version: At the request of many, I'll make an APPOINTMENT ONLINE by PERISCOPE Saturday at 12 pm in Spain. To answer all your questions and doubts, as I have written a lot of differen. The Periscope Application can be downloaded for free. See you soon!! 🎉💋👏 #barcelona #soyshoppinkstyle #fashionista #fashionblogger #style #citaonline #colombia #periscope #model

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