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Update on Boo (it's not good): I hope that this is a lesson to take your bird in ASAP to an avian vet the minute it starts acting "off" in any way (like I did with Boo when he lost his voice on Saturday). The short version: He is severely anemic and has a condition called air sacculitis which will need to be medicated with antibiotics and antifungals for 30 days. He is not out of the woods yet, but it's a good thing that I brought him in the minute I noticed he was ill, and that they did X-Rays! More details (for what it's worth): His white blood cell count is low, which makes the avian vet think that an underlying immune issue "opened the gates" for this infection and maybe caused the anemia. No foreign objects found. His bloodwork is healthy and no heavy metal poisoning. He has actually gained weight since his last appointment. No idea where he got the energy from, since he's very anemic. The good thing is that because he's healthy weight, he should be able to tolerate aggressive treatment for the air sacculitis... I guess after that we'll figure out the immune issues :( Video is of him being cute this morning on the way to the vet. For once he hopped right into his cage when I said he was going to go to the doctor. He was crying like a baby to get my attention and let me know he's very very sick. I have been barely able to concentrate since Saturday when he started crying, and I definitely canno now. I am scared and have been in tears most of the afternoon. I know this will probably be okay, but Boo has been with me since early 2000 and I am so scared of losing him. #cockatoolove #goffinscockatoo #birdmedicine #avianmedicine #sickbird #poorboo #boobird #stlpets

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