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[4/12 6:33 PM] Antonio Perez Vzla: Greetings, doctor, how are you doing? I think we did it well. [4/12 7:28 PM] #CalballosaludCreeEnDios: It is not well done [4/12 7:29 PM] #CalballosaludCreeEnDios: The bandage and padding should be much thicker [4/12 7:29 PM] #CalballosaludCreeEnDios: It should reach the floor behind the.Party PVC pipe [4/12 7:29 PM] #CalballosaludCreeEnDios: That I do not see it placed [4/12 7:30 PM] Antonio Perez Vzla: Ok perfect. Doctor we will correct it and send it again [4/12 7:30 PM] #CalballosaludCreeEnDios: That does not go tight because it cuts off the circulation of blood [4/12 7:30 PM] Antonio Perez Vzla: We pu and wadding inside, it's not tight just on post [4/12 7:30 PM] #CalballosaludCreeEnDios: The padding should be very thick and that is very thin [4/12 7:31 PM] Antonio Perez Vzla: Perfect doctor thank you very much we will place you more [4/12 7:31 PM] #CalballosaludCreeEnDios: But at least 5 times thicker [4/12 7:32 PM] Antonio Perez Vzla: Ready and so [4/12 7:37 PM] #CalballosaludCreeEnDios: Half PVC tube to the floor placed behind the bandage should cover the full hoof.

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