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Malditos Hijos de puta Ojalá Odin no los deje entrar al Balhala #repost @discoversharks ・・・ Via @savethereef ⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ Here’s undercover video of the annual whale and dolphin slaughter in the Faroe Islands that should shock you as much as it shocks us. While this tradition goes back hundreds of years, traditions can evolve over time and thanks to globalization, the Faroe Islands aren’t as isolated as they used to be so the locals don’t have to rely on pilot whales for their meat like they once did. Also, the killing, harming and harassment of Cetaceans, which includes pilot whales and dolphins, is banned across Europe and the same pilot whales that swim in Faroe Islands waters also swim in EU waters — so why is it legal to slaughter these beautiful creatures in the Faroe Islands but not outside their waters? And perhaps the strongest argument of all to ban these annual hunts is that alarming levels of toxins like mercury have been found in whale meat and blubber in recent years with a slew of potential health hazards linked to these toxins like cancer, infertility and suppression of the immune system so much so that the Chief Medical Officer of the Faroe Islands released a study in 2012 advising that pilot whale meat should no longer be consumed by humans due to increased contamination. So, if these hunts are illegal everywhere else, the Faroe Islands now have access to plenty of other food sources from all over the world, and this specific food source is actually toxic to humans, why in the world do these slaughters still happen? Lack of widespread awareness perhaps? Please share this video with your followers and tag people in the comments who new to see it and help us spread awareness to end this vicious slaughter that’s not only cruel to the animals, but also dangerous to the locals who are prioritizing tradition over logic and compassion. Video from @seashepherd #savethewhales #karmagawa #savethedolphins #savethereef

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