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Así de simple. No le de pereza, lealo todo #SuitUpMedellin #Repost @before5am with @repostapp ・・・ If you want something and I mean you truly want something then you have to be prepared to commit your entire being to what it is your soul craves. • You have to make your intentions very clear to the universe and you have to be willing to put your ego and pride aside because they simply will not serve you in the pursuit of your happiness and what it is you truly want. • You have to be persistent and be willing to fight the good fight for as long as it takes for you to get what it is you want, it might take months or even a decade or two but if you keep believing and commit yourself to such a level eventually it will all unfold in your favour. • Now I know each and every one of you have the power to get what it is you truly want and in many cases you have done exactly that many times in your life, without even knowing. • Getting what it is you want is the easy part, holding onto it is another story and in many cases we become become complacent and start to neglect all that we have created, loved and worked so hard for. • Always remember you lose what you love and what is most precious to you when you neglect putting in the same amount of effort and energy that you did to get it in the first place! • If it's important to you then you have to be consistent and give it all your attention and care and that is absolutely true for your relationships as it is for your business, career, health, wellbeing and finances. • Inspired by my good mate and fellow Aussie Pete @achievetheimpossible !

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