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Pinhole Lens Experiment - Yesterday, due to the warm weather I decided to venture out and take a long walk by the river. I reached Battery Park and back again, some 8.5 miles in spite of the hundreds of selfish and arrogant people who refuse to wear masks. Getting there was relatively easy and I sat resting in the park for a while with a large iced coffee before the long march back home which wasn’t so easy at all, requiring several rest periods. I have been sitting entirely too much these past few months hiding at home from the virus and in spite of recently starting to exercise on a Maxi Climber machine I’m not yet back to my former “I can do ten - eleven miles easy” self. I took my camera fitted with a fairly versatile 70-300 mm lens. I also dropped a pair of close-up rings in my bag and a variable F stop pinhole lens obtained as part of a three lens set from Kickstarter. I had not used the pinhole lens before and was interested to find out what it creates so on the way downtown I grabbed a few shots with it. I include them here. Giving very soft and somewhat messy results, it is not a lens appropriate for yesterdays walk at all but I think I would have a great deal of fun with it at a cemetery! Just after my coffee and before heading home I discovered about a half dozen Monarchs enjoying the last flowers of Fall and as they seemed content to pose for me I grabbed a lot of shots using the 70-300 and the fore-mentioned close-up rings. There are a bunch of them included here. I also visited the new Pier 26 and at the end of it made a 20-exposure pano of the Lower Manhattan buildings with the 70-300. That’s in here as well. I would have edited them last evening but fell somewhat the worse for wear once home and after my evening meal passed out and slept the evening away causing me to have a bad night later during which I awoke with a headache and nausea every hour. Feeling a bit better today thank goodness. The monarch pics to follow. #pinholephotography #pinholelens #freedomtower #wtc #oneworldtradecenter #lowermanhattan #chrislordnyc #chrislord #pixielatedpixels #creativeimagery #nycphotographer #citywalks — view on Instagram

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