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Luminar AI arrived today. I have to admit that I am somewhat disappointed. I suppose after all the hype and ads, the constant emails and demos etc. the actual app comes across as just not that exciting. When you open it you are presented with a library of Templates. Templates are just what used to be called “Looks” and although there are a fair number of them I can’t recommend that you allow your photos to look like everyone else’s by using these one click solutions. It would seem that they are produced by mostly using look up tables (LUTS) and applying them to the image which doesn’t really require artificial intelligence although one I clicked on did change the sky to one of the built in skies that everyone will have. There is also an edit button at the top center which takes you to the panel with all the editing tools and I have to say that it looks exactly like the old Luminar 4. Well, some tweaks to the interface, of course, but each of the tools is pretty much exactly what was there before. I tried the Sky Replacement tool (naturally) and I was expecting that, at least, it would have a way to allow the sky to reflect in a body of water in the image. But nope, it does not. I think it maybe places the sky with a little more skill than the old version allowing for a little less tweaking after it’s in but I only messed with one image and a couple of skies so far and it’s basically the same tool. I played with the other tools a bit and once again, I think they are basically the same old tools. This image is mostly processed in the new Luminar app but I did add a little reflection in the water in Photoshop as the image looked daft without it. If you have Luminar 4 save your money, if not it’s not a bad app for 60 bucks or so. This is a first use impression so maybe I’ll be more gung-ho after a few more uses. I’ll bet Photoshop gets water reflections before Skylum does! Oh well! — view on Instagram

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