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24 hours a day the “ME” movie runs without interruption! So geared are we to the overly emphasized spectacle encores, we hardly notice how every thought, action, suggestion, deed and summation is directly linked to how it will/does affect us. Even to the point of enveloping our most intimate affairs in snugly wrapped containers guarded and observed for pertinent benefit. We say “I️ love you” but what we are really saying is: “I️ love what you do for me or how good/special you make me feel.” It’s all about us! It always has been. It gets rather drab… after a while… when you think about it. Not much room for anything new or exciting when the “ME” stars in those same old reruns! I️, for one, would like to see something totally unrelated…maybe something unexpected, unplanned and uninvited. Could even be unsurpassed…

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