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Tonight's Dinner: Smoked Char Sui Baby Back Ribs Potato Salad, Pea Salad, Crushed Garlic & Thai Sweet Chili Baked Beans. A little #Asian #Fusion switch-up for the Holiday weekend barbeque. I really wasn't planning on cooking #Ribs this weekend, but a Friday trip thru the market for a loaf of my keto bread revealed an unadvertised super special on Baby Back Ribs for the same $1.99/lb as the advertised St.Louis cut Ribs ... so I grabbed a rack! Back at home I noticed there was still half a jar of Char Sui - Chinese barbeque sauce - from when I made Char Sui Pork Belly a few weeks back. I slathered on a goodly coating of sauce on the ribs and swathed them in plastic wrap and set the ribs in fridge ti marinate overnight. Started beans in pot with usual baked bean mix of tomato sauce, spices, several smashed cloves of garlic and substituting Thai sweet chili sauce for my regular Stevia brown sugar blend. Pare-boiled a couple diced moderate sized Yukon Gold spuds, rinsed & drained with couple changes of cold water and put in fridge to chill for the afternoon. Pulled marinating ribs from fridge to warm up. Had soaked some Pecan wood chips this morning, drained them, and packed the smoker box and setup the grill. When grill reached 300°F placed rack of ribs on upper shelf of grill and turned off the burners except for the one under the chip box and let ribs slowly smoke all afternoon at about 265-275°F. During final 90 minutes before dinner, brushed ribs with more Char Sui sauce every 20 minutes for an hour, then turned off grill and let ribs sit in the warmth. In between saucing ribs I hard boiled some eggs in the Instapot (6 mins, low pressure, quick release, then cold water bath for quick & perfect easy to peel eggs!). Then chopped celery, sliced scallions and radishes, diced Bread & Butter pickles, made dressing and assembled the Potato Salad. Ribs were cooked through after 4½ hours, thin crisp outer and moist tender succulent fall off the bone inside. Very sweet, slightly salty, and very very sticky! This Fusion Barbeque was very 😋 YummY 😋 #TonightsDinner #smoked #CharSui #BabyBackRibs #barbeque #bbq #PotatoSalad #PeaSalad #ThaiSweetChili #garlic #BakedB

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