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Tonight's Dinner: Scallops in Lobster Sauce with Stir-fried Cauliflower Rice. Oh I'm a Lucky Man! [ ] Snapped up some lovely fresh Scallops yesterday and I'm drooling just thinking about their sweet saltly sea flavour! Plus some #SnowPeas, and I made a mild light Lobster Sauce for them (which contrary to its name has no lobster in it ... unlike Oyster Sauce which is actually made from oyster liquor. Lobster Sauce is named for a popular way to serve lobsters in China and is also a good accompaniment for other shellfish such as Scallops and Prawns. It is typically made from chickenstock, but I wanted a very mild sauce for mg Scallops so I made my Lobster Sauce from vegetable broth). For the Stir-fried Cauliflower Rice I just use minced fresh Cauliflower instead of day-old steamed rice. There's also some stir-fried Konjac Curd to serve with the Cauliflower Rice in a couple nights for a differen. Konjac curd is a dried variation of the powder extracted from Konjac Yams that are used to make lo-carb Shirataki Noodles. After soaking in boiling water to reconstitute the curd it can be cut to size and added to stir-fries or soups much like using tofu. The Konjac curd, like Shirataki and Tofu, has little taste of its own, but readily absorbs flavours of your other ingredients. #TonightsDinner #Scallops #LobsterSauce #Stirfried #CauliflowerRice #KonjacCurd #Shirataki

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