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Tonight's Dinner: Dwaejigogiwa Gugsu (spicy Korean style Pork Noodle Soup usually served in winter) ... yes, it's freezing outside which just screams for a soup-based hot supper! Gogi Mandu (Meat filled Korean Dumplings sort of like Pot Stickers) Last week I got a screaming deal on a package of super meaty pork neck bones, which I braised with mir poix and added extra liquid, then pulled the meat off the bones (actually the meat pretty just fell off the bones after simmering for several hours), tossed the bones back in the pot, added some more water and couple tsp of mushroom bouillon powder brought to boil, then simmered and reduced stock by a ⅓. Meanwhile I froze half the braised pork and turned the other half into a thick savory Pork & Peppers stew ... but only used about half of the pork broth I'd just made. So this afternoon I defrosted the remaining braised pork, warmed up the leftover pork stock, stir-fried a bunch of veggies, prepped some Shirataki noodles, and made a delicious Gogiwa Gugsu - Spicy Korean Pork Neck Bone Soup. I happened to have a bag of Korean Mandu (a pot sticker type dumpling) which was the inspiration to go Korean for dinner tonight! #TonightsDinner #Korean #DwaejigogiwaGugsu #PorkNoodleSoup #GogiMandu #Dumplings #PotStickers

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