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Tonight's Dinner: Chicken Salad & Chicken Salad Yes, this evening I prepared two kinds of #ChickenSalad - first probably what you envision as Traditional Chicken Salad, chopped cooked chicken and veggies tossed in a #mayo based dressing. My 2nd Chicken Salad, my actual dinner this evening, is a large Ceasar type Garden Salad dolled up with sliced Chicken, Avocado, and eggs. I've been eating lot's of salad the past month for dinner - Chef Salad, Shrimp or Crab Louis - instead of cooking b'cuz it's just too darn hot lately with the heatwave and a cold crisp Salad has been some relief from the heat! Tonight's Dinner begins yesterday ... this week's Food Co-op box had the Salmon I broiled Friday night and a big on package of Chicken Thighs. So yesterday evening I set the thighs to pan-broil, skin side down in large "dry" skillet over medium heat until skin was nicely browned, then turned and cooked other side. This produced copious amounts of chicken juice. Pulled thighs, le, pulled meat off bones, tossing bones back in skillet of chicken juice, added couple cups water and simmmered bones for an hour, then strained chicken stock. Tonight I hard-boiled some eggs in the Instapot - 5 mins on medium pressure, let rest 5 minutes, then release pressure and plunge eggs in ice water. While eggs cooked I made the Traditional Chicken Salad. Diced Celery ½cup, sliced 3 Scallions, diced 2 cups Chicken thighs, couple slices cooked bacon chopped, fist-full chopped Cilantro, half dozen diced dried Apricots. Make dressing with ⅔ cup mayo, Tbs Lime juice, garlic, onion, curry, ginger, Coriander powders, and squirt of Lemongrass paste. Mix it all together, pack in storage container and let meld overnight in fridge and then enjoy over next few days! Tonight's Chicken Dinner Salad began as my typical dinner salad, chopped mixed greens - Romaine, Bibb, various Leaf, and Baby Spinach - Cucumber cubes, Grape Tomatoes, tossed with Ceasar Dressing, shredded Parmesan, mini Croutons. Then Salad was topped with slices of Cold Chicken, Avocado, hard-boiled Egg, and a few sliced Kalamata Olives. #TonightsDinner #ChickenSalad #CeasarSalad #heat #heatwave

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