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Today's Brekkie: !!! #Sunday #Brunch !!! French Omelet Keto Waffles Sausage Links To french-up your omelet separate your eggs. Impetus for an Omelet this morning is I just got an egg-separator and thought it was time to try it out! [#ProTip: set out your eggs at least an hour before cookjng to warm up, overnight is even better, room temperature eggs separate easier and cook better whether you're making an omelet, scambled, or over easy] Whip the whites light and fluffy, break yolks and gently fold into beaten whites, then pour into hot pan on medium heat, lifting edge with rubber spatula to allow raw egg mixture to flow underneath, repeat around skillet until most of the raw egg has cooked. Then slide pan under heated broiler (or in my case into convection/airfryer oven) to lightly brown top of Omelet. Sprinkle some grated cheese over Omelet and return to broiler until cheese is melted. Fold Omelet in half to serve. I browned my sausage links while prepping the eggs, and toasted my Keto Waffles (I rarely mention brands b'cuz none of them or farcebook are paying me, but I just found these Birchbender keto toaster waffles, just 2½ carbs per waffle). #TodaysBrekkie #SundayBrunch #FrenchOmelet #Omelet #Keto #Waffles #SausageLinks

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