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Misha’s body language today… he started out ambivalent … but by 2 hours into the bbq he had made new friends and wanted to nap but didn’t want to leave (nor did I, but I’m having saltwater tank issues and needed salt) …. Misha definitely wanted to hang out at Petsmart (and refused to get into his travel cage again to make that point). Thought every stoplight on the short ride home was a wine bar and petting stop. It’s fun taking him out but emotionally exhausting at the same time since 100% of my focus is on him when we go out (which is also why he enjoys it so much). He is in his cage now, took a drink of water, rested for 10 minutes, and wants to go back out and find another party. #moluccancockatoo #wantstoparty #partybird #parrotsocial #cockatoo #cutebird #birdbonding #stlpets #stlbbq #goodbird #cockatoolove #cockatoolife

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