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You have the right to tell your story and to have representation. And we must always fight to give everybody a voice. We guide tours at the markets but we truly believe that the ones who should tell you everything about the beautiful Merced are the people who live and work there. They have a unique point of view, they’ve experienced first hand the beauty and chaos surrounding the markets, they’ve overcome a lot of obstacles. The market is their heritage and legacy. Wendy, Monse, Areli, Brayan and Orlando are the narrators at la Merced tour, they can tell you everything about this beautiful market, Wendy for example helped fight the fire that destroyed half of the market last year and she was only 12 back then, Areli would tell you the story of her family and how her grandma Mary arrived there barefoot when she was 12, Brayan and Orlando can show you the happiness and stubbornness that a kid requires to have fun everyday surrounded by food and people. Let’s always make room for people’s stories, let’s always give them a voice and empower them to be the main characters of their lives. Hopefully soon their English will be better and they’ll be able to share their ideas a stories without a translator, in the meantime we will happily translate everything they need to say so you can connect. This is what responsible travel is about, mutual understanding and connection that promotes tolerance and make our minds and hearts grow.

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