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What would happen if you come to Mexico City and skip all those restaurants you see in every list? What if you become a real food hunter? I get super frustrated when people come with a list of all the must-haves and then keep checking restaurants on their list without exploring or making mistakes. My best experiences traveling have been accidents. I developed my food instinct by screwing things up and having horrible meals but I also remember those ones with love and nostalgia. Travelers need to take risks, they need to jump into the unknown. On our tours we teach you to do that. We give you the tools to identify good food, to learn how to talk to locals, how a good taco tastes like and what ingredients to look for and then we leave you on your own to discover YOUR Mexico City. I think it is really cool to go back to your country after a meaningful experience that non of your friends who also came had. I prefer to have unique and cool discoveries, I want to create my own memories and my secret personal lists. I invite you to discover the joy of exploring. That’s what I do when I travel, I take a food tour on my first day, I learn the basics and then I walk and find my food. Also this is very sustainable because you’ll be distributing the money and bringing economic growth to more restaurants other than the 5 that everybody goes to. Come with us and learn how to create YOUR MEXICO CITY. #foodie #foodblogger #streetfood #mexicocity #travelforfood #mexico #sustainabletravel #foodtour

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