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We are taking a digital break! This year has been specially challenging, all this changes and anxiety, the uncertainty, the frustration. I usually take two trips a year to rediscover myself, to find a new point of view and to transform the company according to my new findings but this year I stayed here plugged into Instagram watching influencers and memes. I like to think about Eat like a local as a work in progress, always changing, always evolving, always improving and always aligned to my current spiritual situation. This year made me rethink everything. After the initial shock and denial, the depresión, overeating staying in bed until noon and all the anger, I started meditating and questioning myself and my motives, the why of this company and the impact we make in the world, our purpose. I decided to take a digital break to be able to focus on the new Eat Like a Local, a new approach that feels more suitable to the my new spiritual findings: more aware, more conscious, more mindful. I’ve always been very strict with myself and my business and I can’t sell something that doesn’t feel perfectly aligned with me. And this pandemic made me question EVERYTHING. This new lock down with no tours will allow me to take a inner trip to find out what I want to give to the world through my tours. What’s the impact I want to make, what’s the propuse of this company and how I’ll integrate the mindfulness, awareness and gratitude into my tours and my team. I hope you all have safe and beautiful holidays at home, and that we can see each other again soon. In the meantime I’ll be disconnected until January 10th. Lorenza will be checking any direct messages in case something urgent happens. If you really really need to contact me send me an email See you on the 10th when the lockdown comes to an end and the new Eat Like a Local will be ready to be presented to you. Love Rocío ❤️❤️❤️

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