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Today was Wendy, Monse and America’s first ever feminist protest. The government was not happy with the demonstration, they gassed us and while running coughing and covering our eyes the girls discovered something that will for ever change their lives. Today for the first time they saw many angry women. Today they cheered at the subway with strangers that suddenly became sisters. Today they experienced for the first time the overwhelming power held by women when we stand together. After they sprayed us with tear gas, we ran to safety and the girls were helped by strangers, they gave them water, washed their eyes and noses and handled them protective glasses. They experienced sorority for the first time and they understood that they will never be alone again. After the protest I asked them what was their favorite part and they said that they loved the gas. And even after the pain and confusion, the gas showed them that strangers are wiling to help and care for them. They met their new sisters and they know now that when they touch one woman all the other women will go after them. A 13 year old shouldn’t be fighting for her rights. A 13 year old should be living happy, free and safe. That’s the future we are now fighting for, and hopefully, the next generation won’t need to fight like us. Until that future comes, we will keep fighting.

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