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Today a super nice guest sent us a list of the best food tours in Mexico City, of course we are not there. And I’d like to explain why, from the responsible tourism point of view. Whenever you see a list where you can book a tour directly there, they are charging the tour company between 25% and 35% commission. This means that from a 100 USD tour tha will be getting only 65 USD minus taxes, that would be like 56 USD. That’s why those companies can’t be sustainable or responsible. And that’s why sometimes you get a shitty tour. How can they make money if they need to pay 35% to a website? Sustainability is expensive. Paying good salaries, fair prices to the vendors and creating social programs that benefit the community costs money and if you need to give 35% of your income to a platform,that won’t be possible. As a business owner i decided years ago to stay true to my values and take my company out of any platform or website that sells tours. It was a scary decision because those websites are powerful and bring a lot of business. But those ones are not the problem,the sites that bug me more are the ones that look like content sites but they are actually making a profit from the tours they “recommend”.This is bad for two reasons, 35% it’s a LOT, and you are not getting honest recommendations, their content is based in commissions and that sucks. So, you’ll see us in @nytimes @cntraveler @natgeotravel @chicagotribune @sunsetmag @forbes @newyorkpost @marieclairemag @huffpost @travelandleisure and more because those media are not getting paid and they have honest opinions, they won’t profit from our tours and are actually committed to recommend good tours and activities instead of featuring the companies that pay to be there. There’s nothing wrong with a website making money, what is wrong is to hide that information from the readers and make them believe that those are recommendations instead of ads. So next time you book a tour try to book it directly from the company’s website, that way they’ll get a 100% of your payment and you’ll support their efforts to survive after this pandemic.

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