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Monday tamales! This is how the inside of a tamalera (the tamales steamer pot) looks like. Tamales are my favorite early morning food. You can find them at 5:00 am outside bus stations ready to feed hungry people who needs to commute for hours to go to their workplace. Tamales are very affordable, yet fulfilling and delicious. During my college times when I was working making the minimum, I had one torta de tamal (tamal sándwich) every morning and that kept me going for hours. I always remember those times and how excited I was to have a torta, my favorite was and still is the green one. Time has passed, I worked hard, and now I can afford something else, but I’ll always love tamales, they have been supporting us Mexicans for centuries. In the Aztec times tamales used to be vegan, tamalli, the náhuatl word for Tamal, means wrapped. Some historians say that Aztec warriors used to eat tamales in between battles. We don’t know for sure if this is true, what we do know is that they feed the Mexican working force every day, students, doctors, nurses, construction workers, taxi drivers and whoever needs to be on the street early morning, so, technically they feed warriors now. Think about this next time you have one, and enjoy it even more. #mexicanfood #mexico #mexicocity #tamales #streetfood

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