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I’ve been approached by several luxury travel agencies to create exclusive super expensive experiences for them. At the beginning I tried to find a way to work with them, after all I need the money. But my heart was not having it. It’s hard for me to picture myself creating experiences so exclusive that will disconnect the guests from our reality. Promoting only luxury: expensive wine bottles, perfect service, private drivers and secret VIP experiences makes me sad. Those travelers will come and leave without understanding who we are and how we feel. They’ll leave withou, without feeling and empathize. I don’t want to promote a tourism that creates more and more disconnection when what we desperately need is to connect as human beings. I don’t want to create experiences that distort the reality, that prevent travelers from seeing our hearts, I don’t want to be part of a business model that bring us apart. Come visit, and if you want dine at the fancy restaurants, that’s cool. But also get your hands dirty, listen to our stories, go to the markets, connect with our hearts, meet the cooks and the vendors, talk to the people, ask the right questions, know our current situation, both social and economic. And always remember use your money to change lives, money is a change engine. Give money to the people who actually need it. Be a change maker. The real luxury is not to be served by 6 waiters surrounded by an sterile atmosphere, that only costs you money and you can get that anywhere, there’s no need to travel to experience that. The unique scarce and precious resource right now is connection and understanding. Welcome to connect! *pictures taken before the pandemic when face masks were not required

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