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How pretty is this red corn? We are fighting to preserve endemic corn diversity, and the best way to do it is through education and consumption. A lot of amazing restaurants in Mexico City are cooking with criollo corn from all over the country creating delicious dishes. For me this is the best way to preserve our corn diversity. Allowing people to effortlessly eat it a beautiful restaurants, making it accesible in a delicious way, integrating corn in our daily life creating dishes that are both tasty and instagrammable, using social media power for a good cause. Corn is the heart and soul of Mexican culture, it’s our identity, our roots and our connection to our ancestors, corn used to be a god and mankind was made out of maize dough according to the Mayan tradition. Preserving endemic corn it’s not only a matter of ecology and sustainability it’s a cultural, spiritual and identity issue. #corn #maize #mexico #culture #mexicanfood #mexicocity #streetfood #sustainablefarming #sustainable

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