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Gentrification can be terrible for small businesses, our favorite chicken guy Antonio here, is a living example of this. The last time we saw him was December 31st 219. He was cleaning his rotisserie place with a sad face. The landlord raised the rent so much that it was impossible for him to pay it. Someone else had offered way more money and soon we discovered a hipster taco place where it once was the favorite stop of our tour. Well we are happy to tell all the chicken lovers that he is thriving and happy as a hippo. He has a huge new place a little farther but who cares, we know now how to find him. He told me yesterday that losing his original place was a blessing in disguise. The pandemic would for sure made him struggled and by now he would have been in so much debt due rent and salaries. He is planning to come back to Condesa next year and we will for sure include him again in our tour to keep promoting his beautiful business. I’ve known him since he started 10 years ago in a tiny tiny place, I saw him move to a bigger one a then disappear for a while, but like stubborn Mexican he is back, back again !

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