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After a social media detox and a very hard pandemic where our business stopped we decided to make some changes. The pandemic showed us the best and the worst of human kind, how selfish can we act and also how amazing and beautiful people can be. We love food but all this amazing dishes you eat at our tours couldn’t exist without the people who make them. So, we will be talking about them, their dreams, hopes and motivations, how the pandemic affected their businesses, don’t worry we will share some food pics too but our main focus will be people. We need to be more sympathetic and caring and the only way to achieve this is by connecting, by understanding that we are all the same regardless of our country and social status, we are all afraid, lonely, desperate and anxious about this pandemic, we fear for our future, for our family, for our dreams and businesses, and only if we understand these and start helping each other we will be able to survive. Happy new year do you all, we hope you like this new phase and we also hope to see you again when it’s safe to travel.

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