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Ucsha Urcuman Ucsha urcuman mashcancapac rircani chaipi canta ricsishcamanta huairahuan pucllashpa carcanqui ñucata shuyanacuimantachari Chaipi tuparircani, cuitsacu, chaipillatac chincachircani imamantachari, huarmicu, ¿cunanca imashi tucusha? Ucsha urcuman ticrani, huarmicu, cutin tuparisha yuyashpa canta chaipi tuparishpaca, huarmicu, ña na canta saquishachu Looking for Rainbow in the Mountains To the hills I went looking for you because I saw you there first you were playing with the wind perhaps waiting for me. There I found you, guambrita But at the top of that mountain I lost you Greed kills, lonquita, now what will become of me? To the hill I return, guambrita intending to see you once more, and if this time I find you, lonquita, I will never let you go To Angelica Rainbow

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