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Why Are There Nine Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court? | Britannica #needtoknow #goodtoknow #AmericanHistory #SCOTUS On September 24th, 1755: John Marshall, the fourth chief justice of the United States and principal founder of the U.S. system of constitutional law, including the doctrine of judicial review, was born. What’s the new fight now? Ruth Bader’s Ginsburg’s last words. FACT: As much as I honor and respect this American icon who could actually be called Lady Justice, her dying wish, her last words, have NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY!! In fact, they don’t have any legal authority whatsoever! … As much as I don’t like all the brew ha ha that I see carrying on, I have to face facts. The US Constitution is BIGGER THAN ALL OF US!! The beauty of America is we are a country where we make our own laws and we can even amend our Constitution. What I really think the leaders should turn their attention to is a thorough examination of our rules governing the SCOTUS body like … ~ Why do they have to be Justices for life? ~ Should there be more than 9 Justices? ~ Does the nominee have to be a woman … just because? ~ Should Presidents ONLY seek to nominate Justices who are also in their same political party? I mean … Can’t a Republican POTUS nominate a Judge who is a Democrat or a different party? Hey! Is the nominee’s political party important? OR Is it important that they are qualified for the job and will interpret the rule of law correctly? * What does politics and political party or gender have to do with American Justice for ALL anyway?

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