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November is Native American Heritage Month and also the month Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day History: Remembering Tisquantum (Squanto), Samoset, and Massasoit - Holidappy - Celebrations “Other people might say that the Thanksgiving story began in North America during the first years of the 17th century when a score of Indian men were captured off the coast of New England by English adventurers and sold into slavery in Malaga, Spain. One of those men was named Tisquantum. Today, he is more commonly known today as Squanto, the Massachusetts Indian who helped the new settlers at the Plymouth colony. Squanto’s life in Spain might have been harsh and cruel, but with the help of Spanish friars, he managed to escape to England, where he was treated well and eventually learned to speak the English language. Later on, Tisquantum was hired out as a guide and an interpreter to an English ship that was headed back across the Atlantic. By the time the Mayflower ventured to the New World in 1620, Tisquantum had traversed the Atlantic three times. …” Continue reading to learn more.

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