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Ever wonder if #blueskies will ever stop smiling at you? #interesting #quotes ~ “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for example has gone through massive reform of it’s website right under our noses. Historically the EPA was the leading source of our climate news and environmental health reports. It was created by Richard Nixon in efforts to control human effects on the environment as massive uproar ensued after Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring, that warned us against using pesticides and unsustainably taking advantage of our resources, was published. And it’s not just climate change, words like ‘fossil fuels’, ‘greenhouse gases,’ ‘global warming’ and anything even relating humans with the changing of our environment have been banished. The words ‘science’ isn’t even safe anymore. The EPA has completely deleted the word in the description of their agency. … Trump has questioned on many occasions the validity of climate change research infamously stating that is it simply a ‘Chinese hoax’. ” (Quote Source: “Global Impact: Climate Change And Censorship In The 21st Century” ~ ) #science #environment #EPA #EnvironmentalProtectionAgency #climatechange #research #savetheplanet #planetearth #politics #government #21stcentury @a.virosa #Instagram @treathylfoxcmoneyspinner

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