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I just hate it when I can’t sleep some nights, like I rm during summer I stayed up all night just so I can fix my sleep schedule. I did that so when it hits 9 o’clock I’ll pass out,but guess what . I did not in fact pass out like I how i originally wanted to. Stayed up that whole night too, so that made two whole nights !! Not getting a wink of sleep. I was going insane, no sleep means angry cranky seven . I wanted to insult everyone that crossed my path, till I listened to a song and suddenly fell asleep. That was the best 9 hour nap I had,it might’ve not fixed my sleep but the satisfaction of sleep was so godly . When I say godly I mean that stretched I did when I woke up from that nap felt so good I groaned. Like I kept stretching and dear god it felt so good, better than s3x, even if I never did that before but still it can no compare how relaxing and pleased I was after that nap. I do not care what anyone says, if I sleep I’m staying asleep, unless it’s Sergio I’ll stay up . Anyone else sorry, you’ll have to wait till the next morning to be blessed with my presence. Anyways I was going off topic, I hope I get a nap like that again soon, those naps always hit the right spot ifykyk . Alright I’m done talking about this . Seven maybe shit posting in page instead of story ??? Might happen more ?

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