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Earlier today,my teacher Mr. Curtis from web communication. Told me to stay after class while the teachers were doing body count . The whole time ever since he said that, I was sweating and getting anxious wondering what he wants after class. I was full blown concentrated and rethinking every bad thing I have done for the past week. Though because it was only the first week I was like “wtf I’ve been good so far this year wha I have possibly done that I’m needed after class?”. Then the announcements came on saying we were allowed to move to our fifth period class . I walked yo yo to him and asked what he needed and turns out all that stress and worrying was for nothing. He wanted me to join yearbook. I honestly do not know why he wants me there but I’m very excited, it sounds fun to do and that means if I switch classes I’ll have C lunch again with tori,Lukas,and aster. Honestly I am very grateful for this opportunity, I will not disappoint him 😔✋‼️

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