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The Reunification Monument, Mamfé Cameroon. Commissioned by President Ahmadou Ahidjo in the 1970s the design and its creators nod to the transition from colonial rule to independence. The three people who designed it each played a role in the creating of modern Cameroon. They were Cameroonian sculptor and artist Gédéon Mpondo who had studied at l'Université des Beaux-arts in Paris in the late 1960s, the French architect Armand Salomon who played a significant role in creating the modern urban landscape of independent Cameroon and was the ‘first foreigner to­ be a licensed archi­tect in Cameroon’* and Cameroonian architect Engelbert Mveng. The striking sculpture, a spiral of multi-shaded concrete, is said to represent reunification, the merging of what is described as the ‘two Cameroons’, French and British. Some have written that the spirals are actually two snakes whose heads merge together. Out of shot is the image of an gnarled elderly man surrounded by children - holding a flame, presumably lighting the way to the future. Image Steve Mvondo CC BY SA 3.0 __________ #ArchitectureNow All materials presented on this site are Ⓒcopyrighted and owned by the creators listed above.

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