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The project is located in the beautiful coastal city of Sanya. There is 21 floors on the ground of Seven-star hotel curtain wall project with a total height of 116m;The platinum five-star hotel with 26 floors on the ground, the total height of 111m; Property Hotel curtain wall with 32 floors on the ground, with a total height of 110 m. The total building area is 500000m2; the total Area of Curtain Wall is 300000m2. The project is immediately complied with the current trend of low-carbon emission and greens environmental protection, each hotel is designed to the shape of the towering trees. The hotel at the bottom of the triangular shape of the diamond-shaped glass curtain wall symbolizes the roots, the bar glass curtain wall of the main building symbolizes the crown, through using differen of glass, sketched out the shape of the trunk, it was like the rich fruit that designing red transparent spherical glass the curtain wall between the bar glass curtain wall. đź“ŤXinfeng Street,Sanya, City, Hainan province. đź“· @abeastinside photo 1 & 2 __________ #ArchitectureNow All materials presented on this site are â’¸copyrighted and owned by the creators listed above.

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