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Day 10 — Consciousness and construct. If history is largely an ideological construct, presence is then, the narration of a conscious mind. All writings are considered history. When words are cast on paper, ideas form and stories are told. Writing has been my one true escape. It is my own personal time travel, a way to invent and a way to spot the fraudulent misrepresentation of the (real?) world. I have done this consistently for some time now, perhaps more than a decade spent jotting down notes first thing in the morning. Mostly streams-of-consciousness. I write them on my soft bound Moleskines and have never really gone back to read them (except to examine my own handwriting over the years). I have a stack of them, tucked away neatly. My daily writing proves to be an effective way for me to remove any faulty constructs in my head. It frees my mind. Data scientists call it data dump. It is a purge of information waste. I write because there are experiences and ideas worth noting (or dropping!). As I thought about writing over my second cup of coffee this morning, it struck me that the real importance to having a clear headspace (free from constructs) is that it lends itself the capacity to write from the heart. -A

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