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It's July 10, 2019 at 05:01PM here. You can keep up with my current projects #AuthorMattCole
It's July 10, 2019 at 05:01PM here. You can keep up with my current projects #AuthorMattCole
Who is Matt Cole? Matt Cole lives in Oklahoma, a father of two, husband of one, brother, uncle, son, friend and listener. He continues to work full-time at Universal Health Services while attempting to create a platform for his books and works. When not attempting to prep, learning and applying his time/energy toward family and work, he writes. What I’m Doing Now: Next book currently working on  is Trauma. This is a stand-a-lone novel within the Sight and Sound world. Attending College in the pursuit of a Masters in Information Technology. Writing a co-author book with  Brittney’s. Due date unknown. Working full-time. Looking Forward: What? You think I am not busy enough? Trying to foresee the future and gauge what actions can be made to lessen the damage. However, you can check out my upcoming events page, where I provide times and locations of my whereabouts. I am moving my  platform over to Patreon. Informational:  Check out these available three sources of information. You may find them interesting. Prepping News, Healthy News, Technology News. Each site has daily articles provided. If you wish to support them, kindly click a sponsored link. Contact Intel:  Amazon Author Page Facebook Author Page Steemit Page Patreon...
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