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The Evolution of Tea niume_official #Niume #Food
The Evolution of Tea niume_official #Niume #Food
With regard to the evolution of tea, we all know (or most of us are in agreement) that the Chinese invented tea. That was the beginning. :) But did you also know that, in the beginning, before there were loose tea leaves, there were tea bricks; and these bricks were deemed so valuable that they could be used as currency. In addition, there is a legend passed down through the ages (for about 5000 years) which credits a Chinese emperor named Shennong with the discovery of how to make a tea infusion. Yah! It seems the emperor was added to an extensive list of discoverers who discovered how stuff works by accident! :) Fortunately, the rest of the world benefits and we can all enjoy cups of wonderful brewed tea. ♦ Lawrence Jean-Louis published Cool Mix Mingle; a cultural blog mainly about the diversity of the South Florida community - the Hispanic and African influences, the blend of East (Asian) and West (European and North American), the food, art, music and more. The preceding paragraphs above are a brief summary of her post which discusses the evolution of tea. My discovery of her blog was also accidental. But what an awesome find! :)REFERENCE: Jean-Louis, Lawrence. "Tea: It's Evolution from the Tree to your Cup." Cook Mix Mingle. 15 Apr. 2015. Web. * * *This content was first published November 21, 2016 via Daily Two Cents.
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