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Oreo Cookies and World Peace niume_official #Niume #Food
Oreo Cookies and World Peace niume_official #Niume #Food
Struggled with whether to put this post in the Humour or the Food sphere. In the end, since it contains recipe links, thought Food would the most appropriate. :) Was at the grocery store and saw a guy buying about 10 to 20 bags of Oreo cookies. I'm like: What's he going to do?!! He must be on a World Peace mission or something! What other reason could there be??!! :) :DMy loving relationship with Oreo cookies goes way back. It is by far the best milk-dunking cookie ever made and surely it must be one of the most effective ways to win friends and eliminate enemies!! Agree?? Ever wonder about the things people do with Oreo cookies? (I do. My mind is perverted. :) ) Go to Twitter and type “Oreo” in the search box. You'll be amazed! Oreo Brownie Dessert Pots (image below with link to original post), Red Velvet Oreo truffle bars, Turtle Candy Chocolate Dipped Oreos, Oreo Stuffed M&M COokies, Oreo Churros, Oreo pancakes … on and on and on.Oh my! (O.o) Are we even allowed to eat stuff like this?? :) Oreo Brownie Dessert Pots for Easter – decorated with fondant carrots and bunnies!* * *Content first shared at● ● Food fun facts and trivia: For your information there is such as thing as World Peace Cookies. Oreo cookies are not an ingredient, but surely we can take liberties and modify the recipe. After all, it is for world peace. :)♦ ♦ ♦Fun Foodie Links:YAPAS (Yet Another Post About Spinach)Sampling World Cuisine is a Fun DoLove Me Some Nachos!
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