Help Making Money RedGage Card

The RedGage Card is a branded Visa Gift Card that can be used anywhere that accepts Visa. If you choose to get paid via the RedGage Visa Card, you will receive a physical RedGage card in the mail. RedGage will ask you for your shipping information during the withdraw. Once you receive your card, it can be reloaded for future wireless transactions. Use the following link to register your RedGage Card and check your balance

Activate Your Card - To ensure security, your RedGage card needs to be activated before you can use it. Your card activation code is the last 4 digits of the phone number that you provided at the time of your transaction. If you need RedGage to look up your activation code, please contact support.

Register Your Card - In order to add instant transactions to your RedGage Card after your first payment, you must register your card. Once your card is registered with our Visa provider, RedGage can add future funds to your card with a wireless transaction. Registering your card will also give you access to other debit card features.

Card Lost/Stolen? - The card shipment should take no longer than two business weeks from the time of your confirmation email. Contact support if you don't see your card after that time period. If you misplaced your card, or if you believe that it has been stolen, RedGage can reissue you a virtual card.

The physical cards can only be offered to US residents at this time. For international payments, please read more about the RedGage Virtual Card.

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