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Getting Paid to Write Online was the Dream of the Hobbyist Writer

The craziest things can come bursting out of dusty corners when you go poking around in your email history.

Here I am, for example, taking a happenstance trip down memory. Redgage, a site that I dimly recall signing up for once, still remembers me. How strange to think, that like flipping up the cushions of an old couch, signing in here should turn a up two whole cents, long forgotten.

To be truthful, I don't have much memory of being a participating member of this site, though I knowthat I was a member of a slew of those "Get Paid to Write" sites back in the earlier 2000's. In those days Content was King, but the face it wore had much less to do with videos and livestreams and far more to do with text. Wordy texts, often packed as tightly with keyphrases as was possible, were the top strategy for reaching the front page of Google, where the promise of unparalled passive income online awaited.

Since the decline of text based content around 2012, getting paid to churn out text just has not been as feasible, with many hobbyist writers turning to newer and more lucrative stratigies for generating "beer money" on the internet.


I doubt that many people even stumble across these sites anymore, except for the occaisional old user, taking a walk down memory lane.

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