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Seven Types of Covid-19 face masks

People are now wearing many different types of face coverings to control the spread of Corona-virus. In many cases, mask choice is dependent on accessibility; people use what ever they have. Let us learn more about the different types of face masks and their effectiveness in containing droplet spread from coughs and sneezes.

1.Bandana: this is a triangular or square piece of cloth that’s often worn as a neck covering. Tying a bandana over your mouth and nose is a time-honor method of keeping away dust and other particles out of the respiratory system. Bandanas provide some kind of protection against droplets and sneeze-related “spray.”

2.Homemade cloth mask: These are woman's hands holding self-made and hand-sewn face coverings, show casing multiple folds of fabric. A research says single-layer coverings may only provide 1% particle filtration, where as a two-layered filters out about 35% of small particles, so they offer personal guarding to the wearer. CottonCovid-19 face maskscan decrease droplet spray from 8 feet to 2 ½ inches, which minimizes the amount of potentially contaminating particles you release into the air.

3.T shirt coverings: T-shirt masks are economic and easy to make, however, they’re not the most effective. According to an article published in Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness in 2013, T-shirt face masks are only one-third as effective as disposable surgical masks.

4.Store-bought mask: The effectiveness of a store-bought cloth covering depends on its construction. Ideally, you should look for a mask with at least three layers of cloth, like a mask made up from tight-weave 100% cotton cloth.

5.Cloth masks with filter: a health practitioner recommends using a filter of polypropylene material, a synthetic fabric with good durability often used in upholstery. This can take a good hold of an electrostatic charge, thus helping easy trap of small particles.

6.Disposable surgical mask: These thin paper-likecovid-19 face masksare usually white and light blue. These surgical face masks can filter out about 60% of inhaled small particles, says a study. They are fundamentally intended to cease droplets and sprays. Researches have shown that diligently wearing surgical masks in public spaces can significantly minimize the spread of respiratory infection. Ideally, these are designed to be only once.

7.Neck gaiters: Outdoors enthusiasts are often spotted with neck gaiters or balaclavas on their hands. These can be used as mouth and nose shields and may provide some protection against spread of the novel virus.

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