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Play on CSGO Coin Flip Websites: Get Rarer and Better Skins

In Counter Strike Global Offensive or CSGO, most people have access to skins by buying them from the online steam market. Other than that, CSGO players have access to different, non-affiliated online markets which offers skins and keys to buy, sell or trade. In today’s scenario, having a skin that is of a high quality, rarity and value is very important for most of the players, and something that they aspire to have. There are many who have the budget to buy expensive skins, though people have the choice and means to get high value skins by gambling, betting or playing games. One such game that CSGO players can play, are on the  CSGO coin flip websites . Playing CoinFlip games, people can easily increase their inventory; get better skins and much more.

How do CSGO Coin Flip Websites work?

  • Just like any other online game website for CSGO, coin flip websites requires a player to deposit the skins that they are willing to play with into the site’s inventory. This is done using a BOT to prevent any problems or scams. Also, when they want to withdraw skins from the site’s inventory, the transaction is done via BOTs for security reasons.
  • A player can use Skins of High or Low value. This means that anyone who wants to play on these CSGO coin flip websites, can deposit a skin of any value, and there are no set values or restrictions. A minimal fee or tax is charged on the total value of the skin based on current, market price of the skin.

The different games that are available on the website, are stated along with the proper rules and basics of the games so as to clear any doubt or confusion of the users.

What Games can one Usually Enjoy on CSGO Coin Flip Websites?

  • Coin Duel is one game that all users can play on these websites. This usually consists of an opponent who bets a similar amount of skins having the same value against yours. The winner is decided by a flip of the coin with the two sides being the icons of Terrorist and Counter-terrorist forces. The winner retains their skins and receives their opponent’s too, and probably types something like “CSGO Coinflipcsgo Ezskins” to mock their opponent.
  • High or Low is another such game that one can hope to play on the coin flip websites. Here, a person usually bets on the number of a flip being lower than a specific set numbers, equal to a middle number, or higher than a specific set of numbers. If one guesses it right, then the amount they bet it on is doubled or tripled based on the CSGO coin flip websites rules.

These are two of the most commonly played games that one can hope to enjoy on coin flip game sites for CSGO. By playing these games, the rate at which one can win high is astounding, yet totally achievable. Any CSGO player who dreams of owning some of the best, rare and high value skins will certainly find his wish come true playing here.

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