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Mistakes that Most Parents Make When Installing Car Seat

There are lots of mistakes parents make  while installing the car seat. In this post, check out the ten most common mistakes parents make during the installation of the car seat.

1. Putting the forward instead of rear facing

The center of the seat is the best place to install the car seat proven by the research. The rear-facing protects more than the forward facing. If you only have two kids then it becomes easy to provide the rear side facing to the younger kid and having an older child at the side of the younger one. It helps in installing the seat securely.  In forward facing, the kid can suffer the leg injuries. This position is effective in absorbing the forces by tolerating them along the entire back. In fact, babies must ride until they are at least 1 year older facing the rear.

2.  Wrong Installation of Car Seat

Many parents make a mistake in installing the car seat. The seat belt and lower anchors are used to the security of the car seat.  If installing the center seat then use the seat belt as few vehicles have the lower anchors for center seat installation. At the same time, if you’re installing the SUV, use the lower anchors for the installation.

3. Not Using Tether for Forward Facing

Tether is the most crucial thing to use for every forward facing car seat. Tethers come from the top and have the hook that connects it on the end. They are mainly available in the three seating positions cars and don’t available in the minivans and SUVs.  Forward facing car seats should be mainly using tethers as they can decrease the chances of head crashes in the child.

4. Loose Installation

Installing the best convertible car seat  seems simple but it isn’t actually. It is important to read the car manuals before installation and learn all the mechanism well. Use the locking clips and tight all the installations properly. You also need to take care of the rear facing and forward positions. If the installation is not correct then your child may face injuries so go through the manual well before the car seat installation.

5. Wrong Recline of the Angle

The angle should be reclined properly so that baby does not flop forward more than 45 degrees from the vertical.  If he is positioned more than that, he could straps out and thrown outside the car seat.

6. Straps are Harnessed in Wrong Slots

The straps should be in the slots below the shoulder in the rear-facing position. In the forward facing position, straps should be fixed in the slots through the uppermost slots unless it is specified by the car seat’s instruction.

7.  Wrong Tightening or Positioning

Harness clip should be at the child’s armpit level. Locking clip should be positioned not more than the inch from the safety belt latch. Safety belt should be used in the locked mode. It is recommended to use the vehicle’s manual to know the type of the belts. These all will help to keep the baby in the safe position.

8. Using a Seat After an Accident

Car seat gets damaged after an accident so it is suggested not to reuse it. The force of the collision can weaken or damage the parts. This leads to lose attachments and positioning problems in the car seats which mean it can’t protect your child if the accident occurs in the future and can be risky for your baby. So replace the seats after an accident with the new ones to avoid any problems.

9.  Using Second Hand Seats

Tosave some dollars, you sometimes try to use the second hand seats. But you should consider the key points before making the purchase that it’s not damaged; there are no missing parts, expiry. It’s good to review the manual before buying the car seat especially the used car seats. The seats should meet the safety and quality standards in order to provide the comfortable sitting for the baby.

10. Using the Wrong Seat for Your Kid

The seat requirements are based on the height and weight of the child but the fit is also a necessary element. Most of the seats require a certain amount of space between the top of the child’s head and the top of the seat to protect them from the injuries during the crashes. Manual will be helpful in providing all the guidelines for using the right car seat for the kid. You can also try demo set and see if the installation is correct or not.

Wrapping it up!

Now that you know all the common mistakes, don’t repeat them and install the car seat with a caution.  It’s important to install the car seat properly for the safety and comfort of the baby to sit in the car.

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