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Four Reasons to choose a Round Rug

The most popular rug shape is undoubtedly the rectangle rug . We see them almost everywhere in the living room, under the dining place, or be it in the narrow hallway. But often you need a beautiful round rug to create a lovely outlook. These round in shape work well with certain furniture or in certain places, say for nurseries or study rooms. Small ones are also ideal for layering or defining an area like creating a reading place with your favorite armchair.

Nowadays, round rugs  have become more trendy. These unique hand-made rugs are available in a lot of sizes, rich colors, and breathtaking patterns. And just like most of our other home rugs, you can entirely customize them to blend in your design preference and style. Now that you have seen how popular rugs are, you probably feel keener on trying it your homes or office areas. But if you are still on the fence or inquisitive how these rugs can create a magical decor in your home, we have you covered few reasons stating the same.

1.These are soft and deepen any area:
Mostly we are surrounded by rectangular objects, walls, and furniture pieces in our homes, peculiarly if our home is styled in a modern and industrial way. These type of houses and apartments need something that’ll cleverly soften the space and make any vacant space feel more intimate, deep, and personal. That’s a job only rounded carpets do amazingly well. The fact says rounded mats or carpets allow energy to flow freely into your space creating good Feng Shui at your places.

2.These create a cohesive look:
A round shaped floor thing can connect all of the surrounding articles in a unique way without it looking overwhelming. It does a pretty amazing job this way. To mix with your specific needs, choosing a bespoke rug in fresh, luminous colors can be a real jackpot for such areas. It serves as a central point of the room that with success connects all furniture pieces, lights setup, shapes, and overall discipline of the area, creating a consonant living space.

3.These can dress up a corner:
If you are more of admirer of artistic movement, you will probably love the Wabi Sabi style which involves decorating every corner of the room. This can be successfully achieved placing round shaped rugs underneath a armchair or table at every corner.

4.These are great for layering
Whenever you want to combine multiple rugs in an open floor plan, go for Layering them up by mixing and matching different shape rugs. You can add a blotched rug on top of a plain and see how much visual impact this creates for all your rooms.

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