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Ensuing Complete Reports before filing Workers’ Compensation claims

YourWorkers’ Compensation Lawyer fort Lauderdale should meet with the employee to complete injury/illness reports. Some employers create their own incident report, whereas others use "first report of injury"provided by the state's workers' compensation agency. The report usually requires the enlisted details:

a)         date of injury

b)         the place where it occurred

c)         A small description of the injury or illness

d)         the date the employer became aware of the injury or illness

e)         the date that the employee received the form

f)          the date the employee returned the form to the employer

g)         and any other required information.

  • If the employee was given the report to fill in the missing detail, the lawyer should give the employee a deadline to ensure these details.
  • If the employee needs to return the form via mail, the representative should direct him or her to mail it credentialed with a return receipt so there is a evidence of the date the employee returned it to the employer.
  • While the time of the meeting,Workers’ CompensationLawyer fort Lauderdaleshould share with the employee the claims procedures, the benefits available him and whom to contact for any raising concerns.

entities covered in this discussion include:

1.Injury report

  • A report of the occupational illness should be made with the employer in a timely manner.
  • Employers typically request that employees report occupational injury immediately but no later than 48 hours after the incident.
  • This allows an employer to timely look into the matter and take safety measures to avoid further incidents.

2.Physician selection. An employer may initially select the physician who is designated for seeing employees with work-related injuries and illnesses, says the state law. TheWorkers’ Compensationshould inform employees of their options for seeking medical attention.

3.Medical expenses. Health care facilities typically ask employees if injuries originated at work or are work-related. To ensure medical bills are sent to the appropriate place for reimbursement, the representative should give employees the employer's contact detailing, workers' compensation agency’s contact before any medical visit.

4.Family and Medical Leave: An FMLA-covered organization should provide an FMLA-eligible employee with required notices, whenever applicable.

5.Travel reimbursement. Travel to and from medical treatment may be compensated in accordance with the plan following workers compensation regulations. 

6.Compensation benefits. The representative may want to discuss for how wide replacement benefits work. Depending on the nature of compensation benefit, the employee may be entitled to 66 percent of wages after a period of specified waiting.The representative here should always inform employees of pay continuation or the use of paid benefits like sick vacation or paid time off during waiting periods.

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