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8 proven ways to get rid of mice from your Richmond Hill home

You should learn the best ways to deal with mice invasion at your home and consult a pest control service nearby if you don’t know. How to eliminate mouse infestation from home? Generally the following methods work and you can try them or call BBPP, the best mice control Richmond Hill to do the job for you professionally.

Getting rid of mice from home starts with one simple option: do you wish to do the hard way or easy way? The easy way is to make a phone call to your Richmond Hill pest control service and the hard way is to rid of mouse on your own, which may seem impossible as you will be chasing the invisible mice in your walls. If you are brave enough to do it and face the consequences of disease spreading rodent, then here are the tips on how to get rid of them.

  1. Use Mouse Traps
    Use mouse traps to trap the mice the easy way as the classic old wooden snaps will do the trick for small to medium group of mice. However you cannot undermine the mice infestation as even a dozen traps cannot trap one mouse that always evade you and the traps. You could use live traps, bait traps and glue traps along with the wooden traps and you may be rewarded with better results.
  2. Seal entry points
    Rodent proofing home is an effective method to banish mice from home, so locate entry points and seal them with Steel wool and caulking. Mice won’t chew through them.
  3. Use effective baits in the mouse traps
    For bait use whatever food the mice have been stealing from your home or the mouse favorite like peanut butter, chocolate, oatmeal, bacon or dried fruit. Make sure that do not get away with the bait so tie it with dental floss or fishing line.  
  4. Lay mouse traps properly and critical points
    Placement of traps is critical, so find the correct place such as along the wall, as this is the trail the mice use to scurry around. Mice can be always found 10 or 20 feet from nesting areas and food materials, so place the traps where you see the sign of them.  
  5. Deploy bait stations
    Deploying bait stations will lure them and mice are sure to gnaw through the wrapping which is typically paper, plastic or cellophane. It will get to the base material and eventually die from eating it. This however has to be done by trainedMice control Richmond Hill, BBPP, the best bug and pest control services in the area.
  6. Use cat to catch mice
    If you have pets such as cats and dogs they could be commissioned for hunting mice, and the usually do. If you don’t have them it is time you get one or two and you can chase away mice without lifting a finger.
  7. Keep high sanitation
    Good sanitation has not been found effective in eliminating mice, but bad sanitation can certainly attract them to the household. Littered food crumbs attract mice, so vacuuming your floor frequently and wiping down counters will eliminate them. Seal garbage cans with tight lids and don’t leave plastic garbage bags in the open.  
  8. Deal with them inside and outside
    Remove all debris from both inside and outside of home. Remove all hiding places and destroy burrows. Nesting by mice can be avoided by lining your home foundation with heavy gravel. Keep less clutter and debris around home so you could spot them easily.
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