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Kebo Mountain Hiking Trail, Acadia National Park


There are a few problems with the Kebo mountain trail, as I learned many years ago when I tried to locate it.  No one in town seemed to have ever heard of it, some had, but had no idea where it was located.  Some people suggested I check around the Kebo golf course area.  Others suggested I check out the area around Kebo street.  Nothing.  Actually, it was right in front of us, it can be seen from the golf course as well as the end of Kebo street, but being the smallest of the 17 mountains here, it sets like a small hill amongst mountains.

So the easiest way to find Kebo mountain trailhead is by turning onto the one way section of the park loop road.  You will pass the pullover for parking for the Northridge trail up cadillac Mountain, continue driving, heading downhill.  at the bottom of the hill you will pass over a stone bridge where the gorge trailhead is located.  Continue driving, and as you make your way around a very long sharp curve, go slow and keep an eye out for stone steps leading up through the tree's, about halfway through the curve on the right side of the road.  You can't park here, so continue on until the road straightens out, pull over and park.  This is a photo of the Kebo trailhead;

It is only .3 miles to the summit, and the trail makes almost a direct climb to the summit, with a few spots that open up to limited views of ocean and nearby mountains.  I like to think of this trail as a nice hike through the woods.  Here are a few photos as we made our way toward the summit.

Below is one of the few spots that open up to some nice ocean views, just before the summit itself.

Below is a photo of the summit, nothing fancy, no stunning views, it is surrounded by tree's.

At this point you can turn back, but you will miss out on the nicer section of the trail, which makes its way through woods.

You exit the woods by a valley that lies between Dorr Mountain and Kebo Mountain.  A sign post gives you several options, continue on and hike up dorr Mountain, go right and head for the gorge trail, or turn left and head toward the Hemlock trail.  I suggest taking the Hemlock trail, which comes out at the Great Meadow Trail. trail.

Go left at the  Great Meadow trail to head back toward the Park Loop Road, once at the roadway, go left against traffic, and you will not be far from where you parked your car.

If you go right, you will soon come out at the Acadia Wild gardens and the nature center.  There are wild gardens, several other trailheads, the famous spring, a nature center (fee required) and a round old stone building housing the abbe meseum.  Warning, there are two Abbe Meseums the Park runs, unless you are heavily into rocks and stones, avoid this one and visit the one in Downtown bar Harbor on Mount Desert Street.


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