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How to start earning in Redgage

One thing that I have regretted is it took me about three weeks to learn how to start earning here in Redgage. Probably I wast too lazy to read the "Learn How" instructions or I was pre-occupied in looking for other ways to earn some extra cash from the Internet. I realized later (how I wish it was sooner) it was very easy to earn through Redgage. When I did start to earn, it too slow.

To help newcomers commit the same mistake I did, and also to help the friends that I have invited to join Redgage, I have made this short (I hope I can make this short) guide on how to start earning in Redgage.

1. Upload Quality and Original Contents

First and foremost, upload quality and original contents. Quality conents attracts viewers and readers. Not only they will view what you have recently uploaded but they might be interested on your uploads and look forward to your future uploads and might add you as a friend even subscribe to your posts. Also, if people will like your contents, they might add them to their favorites and/or rate them. Doing either or both, that will put your content on the Dashboard News Feed which will make your contents visible to other members of Redgage.

Quality contents will give you a chance to get a feature bonus . Once your content gets featured you get additional cash.

2. Build up your Friends list

Redgage is technically a social network site, and in a social network, you add friends. In Redgage, I have learned that adding active members to your friends list is more beneficial. Active members are most of the times who view the contents of others and leave comments and ratings which will help you promote your contents.

Here's a short list of members I have been interacting frequently and leave a lot of comments to my posts. This list is in no particular order. I might also add other friends here from time to time. I suggest you add them to your list also

As I have said, this is just a short list. I suggest you add these people to your list also. Also add people who always leave comments on other members' wall and contents . There are the people that are most likely active in Redgage.

Also check this Cool People at Redgage by dgraphicrookie

3. Leave Comments

Leave comments to other people's wall and contents. This will expose your presense to the other members of Redgage. This is also another way to gain new friends, since they are the ones who will invite you.

4. Rate those contents

Like leaving comments, rating contents is also one way of telling other members that you are an active member in Redgage and most likely to check their contents.Don't be afraid to give a rating lower than five stars.

5. Subscribe

If you're interested what your friends are posting, click that Subscribe buttton. This way you'll get an update if your friend has uploaded something new or not. This will also encourage them to subscribe to your posts also.

Things not to do in Redgage!

1. Don't copy other's posts.

2. Don't upload contents that are not yours and claim that they are yours (that's plagiarism).

3. Don't post adult materials.

4. Don't be rude!

I hope this short quide is enough for the new members to start earning. For further details click that Learn How link on your profile.

Happy Redgaging!



Edited: I actually removed the last tip. Or the link to another article in which the method listed there may have been abused.


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