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How to make money on Redgage?

Making money on redgage isn't really that hard. For those who are new here at Redgage, you may be earning just a few pennies a day. The pennies really do add up and if you take time to explore more here at Redgage, you will see that there are other ways to earn also. This month I won the raffle contest at redgage and earned $25 . Congratulations to me and all you that have also won the raffle contest.

How to make money on Redgage?

I don't know how many people have already written about "How to make money on Redgage?" but I am going to give my brief description for all new members at Redgage.

Make money at Redgage by uploading "unique" and original content that you have produced. Upload blogs, articles, videos, photos, documents and useful links. Useful links would be links to your informational and useful articles that you have published online. You may also like to share a friends article. With every upload you make to Redgage, you will have potential to earn on that upload. Interact with other redgage members to get more views to your uploads. Remember that the Pennies you earn add up to dollars you will earn on Redgage. Remember to share your "unique" content and uploads with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Digg and other social sharing websites.

Not everyone earns money on Redgage by winning the raffle contest. I was lucky and won it, however I have also earned money with views by sharing my unique content to friends. Within Redgage, there are tools to help you increase your views. Use the tools button with Redgage to share your content with others on twitter and facebook. Also mentioning Redgage with your referral link on Twitter and facebook will give you points towards the contests here. Invite others to redgage with your referral link. Your referral link is:

Good Luck!

Please take some time to explore and subscribe to me here at Redgage . I will be adding tips on how to make more money on redgage as I go along.


Update : Make sure you promote your Redgage Articles to everyone you can online. Share updates with Twitter, facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon and Delicious. Make sure you enter the contest every day before sharing your Redgage uploads. Pick useful photos to share and write helpful information in your blogs at Redgage.

Add your Redgage Uploads to your Favorites List by hitting "favorite". This helps you get more views to your articles and redgage content. Remember that each view will help you earn some money here at Redgage.

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