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Wedding Planning Trends 2015

When you’re planning a wedding, you want to make it as unique and memorable as you can. For this reason, you often see a number of innovative things each wedding season, many of which have been inspired from trends from other countries. In the UK, the 2015 wedding season is no different – and experts have noticed that there are a number of innovative ideas that are starting to creep into wedding celebrations across the country.

Food & Drink

This is a huge part of any wedding, and couples are always trying to put their own stamp on things. One popular trend for 2015 is the chandelier cake, which is a tiered cake turned upside down, meaning that the smallest tier is at the bottom, rather than at the top like on traditional cakes. Although these can be quite tricky to make, the results are good, and they are often well received by guests. Another option for the cake is to scrap the traditional big cake altogether and go for something like small pies or cookies. This is great if the couple don’t like wedding cake!

Drinks-wise, cocktail receptions are becoming more and more common, with couples choosing this over the traditional sit down dinner. This could save money as a full meal would not be needed, however a classy atmosphere could be created with the cocktail reception, meaning that the event would be incredibly enjoyable.

Dress & Style

The veil is something that hasn’t been commonly seen for a while, however thanks to the likes of Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian, more brides are choosing to include them when picking their dress. Accessories are also becoming less traditional, with many brides now choosing floral wristbands rather than a bouquet. This means that they are able to walk down the aisle whilst having a hint of tradition but without the actual bouquet to hold onto.

Personal touches

Everybody likes to put their own stamp on a wedding, and many couples are choosing to start this right from the beginning when they send their save the dates to their potential guests. Rather than simple invitations, couples are now choosing to send social media inspired invites, or postcard types with a photo of themselves.

As for the photography, the sessions are becoming more and more innovative, with some couples even hiring a helicopter to get a photo from above!

No matter what your own personal style, 2015 really does give you the scope to either make the most of a new trend, or even to start one of your own. It is up to you, and the possibilities are truly endless.

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