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Learn a New Language and Improve your Memory at The Same Time

There are a number of benefits associated with learning a new language, and studies have shown that doing so can help to significantly improve one’s memory. Whether it is Spanish, French, or English, learning how to use a new language can really make a difference when it comes to remembering things.
The brain is like a muscle, the more you exercise it - the stronger it becomes. Doing regular learning exercises improves not only your knowledge of the language you are learning, but your overall memory skills as well.

Remembering lists
Those who have learned at least one foreign language and can use it fluently, are usually better at remembering lists and other things.

If you find that you are becoming more and more forgetful when it comes to doing things like remembering items you need to get from the store or even the names of the new people you meet, learning a new language could be just the thing you need to start retaining more knowledge.

By studying a foreign language and learning how to put individual words together into sentences, you will get much better at remember even things that have nothing to do with the language you are learning. Although it is easier to learn a new language at a young age, adults can do the same thing with consistent dedication and effort.
It is a common misconception that people either have a good memory or a bad one; the fact is that there are a lot of different things you can do to improve it, including learning a new language.

Power of Association
When you are learning a new language you use the power of association to remember what different words mean and eventually learn how to put them into sentences that make sense and flow well. People who learn new languages improve their memory without even thinking about it, and these are two skills which can serve you well throughout your entire life in a number of ways.
One of the best ways to go about learning a new language and improving your memory at the same time is to use mnemonic devices, as they can help you to remember what something means by associating a certain word you already know with one that you are trying to learn.

The more time and effort you put into learning a new language the better your memory will become, but it might take some time; not everyone’s brain works in the same way, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t notice a marked improvement in memory right away.
Using flash cards can be a great way to learn new words in a foreign language and there are lots of other approaches you can take.
As long as you make an honest effort at learning a new language, you will start to see a difference in your ability to retain knowledge on a regular basis. 
There are a number of websites that give tips on improving one's memory if you do not want to do so by studying a new language.

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