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What does flu season have to do with an egg allergy?

For a few years, it seemed that every time we saw the allergist, our daughter’s food allergies increased. She had lived with a peanut allergy for 2 years and tree nut allergies for 1 year when she was diagnosed with an egg allergy. While we were still digesting this news, a friend asked, “Wow – what are going to do about the flu shot?”


Yes, the influenza vaccine is incubated on egg embryos, so it can contain egg protein. (Source: Alright, so since my daughter is allergic to eggs, she can’t get the flu vaccine anymore, right? Fine, I’ll just add it to my ever-growing list of things to avoid.

Now, you and I both know that, like most things in life, it’s not that simple. If you think the flu shot is an important part of staying healthy, then the diagnosis of an egg allergy complicates your life in multiple ways.

Based on my experience, the flu shot is not important at all – unless you’ve had the flu.

When I was growing up and later as a young adult, I never got the flu vaccine. It just wasn’t something my parents did. My husband, however, is a big proponent of the flu shot. How many calories in an egg white Ever since I’ve know him, he has gone faithfully every year for his shot. And, I tell you, that man never gets sick.

When our girls were born, he insisted that they get the flu shot as soon as it was acceptable to the pediatrician. The AMA agreed with him, so our girls also got their annual flu shot, but I still never did.

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